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New commission info!


Starting at 10$ or 800 :points: to 20$ or 1600 :points:

Extra options:

Textures: 5$ or 400 :points:

 Head study by Mamaleen

The head and shoulders (or that general area) on a pedestal, floating in space, cropped off, whatever you want, really. I will not animate them or make them animation ready.

Are you looking for something with a high or low polygon/detail count? Take in to consideration the prices of the above items and adjust the potential cost accordingly. No revisions


Low Poly

Starting at 25$

Textures: 10$

High-poly bake: Starting at 40$

Animation ready: 15$

Animated: 15$ for the first, then 10$ per animation

 Virus Lowpoly model by Mamaleen

This can range from extremely low polygon counts (~200 triangles) to moderate-level polygon counts (~10,000 triangles).
This is reserved for characters that don't need all the bells and whistles of high-end game models. No revisions



Starting at 75$

Textures: 25$

Animation ready: 40$

Animated: 25$ for the first, then 15$ per animation

 Cyborg game model by Mamaleen

All the features expected of current generation games.
Diffuse (if opted at textures), specular (if opted at textures), normal, etc. High res textures.
This gets a high poly model, and a low poly model to project all those beautiful details onto.

Models will be starting at ~10,000 to ~40,000



Starting at 75$

We're talking potentially millions of polygons.
Sculpted and posed to your specifications. Without textures.
This is a model that is generally suited best for a single pose. I won’t animate, rig, or texture these.

 Highpoly cyborg design by Mamaleen

Weapon or prop

Starting at 20$

Textures: Starting at 10$
Shield and Swords by Mamaleen

Everything different than characters. Things like weapons, game-items or architecture. These models will be game ready.  


Things to note that can affect the price:
Are you prepared?
If you can supply your own model sheets and designs, that will keep the price down. If your designs aren't up to the standard of the model you want, or if you don't have designs, that can hike up the price. For example, if you would like a high polygon model, but can only supply a crude drawing on a napkin, we would need to find a solution.
What you give me is what you'll get.

Realistic vs stylized?
Do you want a realistic character or something that's more cartoony or stylized? Making something stylized or more simple can drop the price, while a realistic character requires a fair amount more work.

A current generation model can use many different texture maps at high resolutions. Are you looking to keep the price down? Consider getting something without a texture or a minimal use of them. It still looks quite nice. This generally looks best with High Poly models.

One pose or many?
Setting up a character for one pose is considerably more simple than getting a character set up for being fully posable. If you only want your character to be seen in one pose, that can save you money.

Revisions on a 3D model are not easy. Adding parts or changing details mid-production can set the entire model back a fair amount. With that in mind, if you want any revisions made, there will be a price attached to it, depending on the depth of the change. If you're ordering a complex model, I will approach you at different stages of production to get approval before moving on to the next. This is a courtesy intended to correct any potential disconnect when transitioning from 2D concepts to a 3D model. This is not a free pass to make changes that are not on the originally approved designs. Once a stage has been approved, I can't go back without having to charge for the changes.


What I Probably Won't Do:
Facial rigging
I can pose singular facial expressions fine enough, but rigging it all up to controllers is a huge area that I am not the most well-versed in. I’ve done it once, but it took a lot of time! I'd rather steer clear of this. But, if you have a ton of money and just feel like throwing it at me to set up a facial rig, I would consider it.

Another complex system that just jumps the time commitment through the roof. I can pose things to appear dynamic in single-posed commissions, but if you wanted a character with flowing hair or a cape that wraps around the body as they move, that's beyond my expertise.


Gore, furries, erotic scenes

I don’t really mind what the subject matter is - I can model your OC, a stylized rl person, a fan character, your favorite anime character, etc. I’ll do furries and partial nudity. If I’m unsure about your idea then I’ll tell you when we hash out the model over email!

Some things I’m not good at/haven’t modeled before (beware before asking for them):

  • Mecha
  • Vehicles

Other Questions

Which software do you use?

I model, unwrap, rig and animate with Maya; zBrush for the highpolys; Marmoset 2 for the renders; and I texture with Quixel and Photoshop!

I’ve been modelling for about a year and a half so bear in mind if you’re going to ask me technical questions I might just direct you to google.

Why are the prices so high?

Yes the prices are quite high compared to average 2d commission prices. But a lot more work goes into a 3D model compared to a normal 2d artwork.

Besides modelling the character, I also need to unwrap the character, texture the character (which I put a lot of effort and detail into), then rig and skin the character, pose the character, animate the character, and finally render the character. The process is quite complicated and technical and involves a lot of steps. More complicated characters take a lot longer.

Paypal or iDeal (for the Dutch), you can also use :points: for the busts

Any lingering questions?
Send me a note or an email with the title “Commission: (name of your commission)”

Visit Artstation or my Website for more examples.

When you want to commission me, I prefer if you could sent me an email. You'll get a way faster response ;)


  • Listening to: My friend - Groove Armada
  • Reading: Angels and demons
  • Playing: Skyrim
  • Eating: Skittles


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